Our members are trained musicians with years of experience in performing all over Croatia and abroad. Let us introduce them shortly:

Ivan Komićprofessor of music education, winner of various festival awards as an arranger and producer. Keyboards, trumpet and vocals. Collaborated with Željko Bebek, Nenad Vetma, Oliver Dragojević and many other prominent names from the music scene.

Branimir Benešguitar teacher at the Split Music School, member of the band since the very beginning, plays guitar and is an exceptional vocalist. He built up his knowledge and experience through many years of performing and collaboration with many musicians.

Joško Tomić – He built up his experience as a drummer in many prominent bands, such as ”Fortuna”, ”Val”, ”Aspalathoss Brass”, as well as a backing drummer for many famous musicians such as Zlatko Pejaković, Mišo Kovač, Zorica Kondža, Matko Jelavić, Joško Banov, and many others.

Tomislav Pavela (bass guitar) – a member of band with great experience in playing is instrument, he built up his experience in the bands he collaborated with or in the bands which he formed himself. He has been nurturing his love for music since childhood and his musical idols are prominent world known musicians.

Nataša Reić Matković – she started gaining her vocal experience already as a child in the cultural and artistic association KUD „Jedinstvo“, in different choirs and at children’ festivals, where she won various awards. She gained most of her experience by working with Doris Dragović, for whom she has been singing back vocals for 15 years. The crown of their collaboration was Nataša’s performance as backing singer at the concert in the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall and in Spaladium Arena as a special guest. Nataša began the collaboration with the Joško Banov Orchestra in 2010. She also collaborates with many prominent names in music industry, such as Zorica Kondža, Oliver  Dragovjević, Dražen  Zečić, Gianni Stipanićev, while her work with Gibonni, as his backing singer, is her biggest joy.

The sound and stage performance of the band is produced by exceptional new equipment and lighting, which can be adapted to any stage and surroundings. Due to years of experience, we have an extensive repertoire which is carefully processed and chosen, as well as adapted to modern international and domestic trends.